Explore LINDBERG eyewear at InnerVision Eyewear of Rittenhouse Square. The expert opticians of The LINDBERG Shop at InnerVision Rittenhouse will guide you through the process of individually selecting all of your LINDBERG eyewear. From the style, the colors, the sizes and materials, our experienced opticians will ensure you come away with the optimal eyewear designed and fabricated specifically for you.

Lindberg at InnerVision Eyewear Rittenhouse

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Lindberg at InnerVision Eyewear Rittenhouse

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Buying and inserting new lenses into your Lindberg glasses

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Explore the LINDBERG Collections

LINDBERG provides a wide array of exciting designs in titanium, horn, acetate, wood and precious metals. With an extended modular system containing billions of combinations, the wearer can create their very own bespoke pair of LINDBERGs. Explore the collections at LINDBERG to find out more.

Lindberg N.O.W. collection

LINDBERG N.O.W. collection

The n.o.w. titanium collection has the perfect balance of expressive look and lightness with our signature elements: thin composite fronts and lightweight titanium temples.

Lindberg Rim collection

LINDBERG Rim collection

The air titanium rim collection is wire frame eyewear – perfected. The collection embodies the LINDBERG design DNA, with uncompromising contemporary design.

Lindberg Rimless collection

LINDBERG Rimless collection

Air titanium was LINDBERG’s first and highly innovative product line designed in the mid-eighties. At that time, glasses were heavy, uncomfortable to wear, one-size-fits-all and filled with screws and welded parts. Air titanium changed that, introducing a unique modular building system and pioneering work with titanium.

Lindberg Acetanium collection

LINDBERG Acetanium collection

A pair of acetate glasses is the perfect accessory to complete any timeless look, simple, but stylish – an everyday classic. As the name suggests, the acetanium collection masterfully pairs the finest natural acetate with our signature titanium.

Lindberg Strip collection

LINDBERG Strip collection

The collection is named for its use of titanium strips. The individual elements are laser-cut from thin plates of premium quality titanium and formed to create light glasses with an impressive high level of stability. The strip collection carries all the benefits of titanium, being hypoallergenic, ultra-lightweight and durable.

Lindberg Precious Metal collection

LINDBERG Precious Metal collection

The premium LINDBERG Precious collection is one of the most prestigious eyewear collections in the world. These exclusive glasses are made from 18ct solid gold; yellow, white, pink and black gold as well as from platinum and buffalo horn. You will find the most beautiful designs which can even be set with top quality diamonds for a true luxury feeling.

Lindberg Buffalo Horn & Wood collection

LINDBERG Buffalo Horn & Wood collection

The træ+buffalo titanium collection seamlessly combines buffalo horn and fine wood, each enhancing the remarkable beauty of the other. Buffalo horn and fine wood (“træ” in Danish) are some of nature’s most delicate materials. Both have a fascinating structure making each pair of træ+buffalo titanium one-of-a-kind.

Questions? Schedule an appointment to visit with a LINDBERG eyewear expert who will help you select and customize your new glasses.

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