Philly Eyeworks Presents - Artists in Focus

The Artist in Focus campaign gives us a chance to shine a light on some of Philly’s great artists. Maybe you are already fans of some of the artists or maybe you’ll discover an artist that speaks to you.

Each artist will have their own limited edition cleaning cloth-you can choose one with the purchase of a pair of Philly Eyeworks glasses

Timothy Eades

Featured Artist:

Tim Eades

Hello, I'm Tim.

I was born in Denver City, TX. I was a creative kid - my mind bursting with color and design that I just couldn’t wait to share with the world. I decided to turn my passion into a career and figured the best way to do that was with a degree in graphic design. Unfortunately, tuition is expensive. Fortunately, I started screen printing to pay for that degree and that’s when things really fell into place. It was 1997 and I've never looked back.

From Cranbrook Academy of Art to a stint in Mexico, I have worked as a graphic designer, art instructor, master printer, and artist for over 20 years. I was a Master Printer and Project Manager at The Fabric Workshop and Museum in Philadelphia from 2009-2015 and he’s called Philly home ever since.

I spend most days working in my low-waste, sustainable studio bringing my vibrant designs to life in the form of bags and apparel.

My art is represented by Pentimenti Gallery in Old City, Philadelphia.

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Tim's Cleaning Cloth Design:

Component #9

Featured Artists:

Center for Creative Works

The Center for Creative Works is a unique art studio focusing on developing creative workplace potential and cultural identity for people with intellectual disabilities.

Tamisha Williams

Tamisha creates vibrant repeated patterns of natural motifs – leaves, owls, and flowers – in designs that communicate her love of color. She has been making art for a little less than a year at the Center for Creative Works.

Tamisha lives in Clifton Heights, Delaware County, and was born in 1973 in Norristown, PA. In the summertime, she likes to go to the beach and swim in the ocean. Tamisha describes herself as, “very clever, very cooperative, very curious, and a marvelous artist.”

Website | Instagram

Timothy O’Donovan
Timothy O’Donovan

Timothy O’Donovan

Timothy O’Donovan (b. 1964, Cardiff, Wales) I like the idea of seeing nature by itself in its own form. I feel very comfortable with nature when I take hikes and walks wherever I am visiting or residing. I’ve been to a place that’s very similar to Venice, Italy, when I went on vacation with my mom in Las Vegas. Cardiff is where I was born, and I visited that place in the late 70’s, when my family was leaving South Africa. I feel more in control of my life and my emotions when I make a piece of artwork. If there is too much tension, I paint and draw while listening to natural music, sounds of the ocean, and Enya. I am a learning disabled individual and have been since birth. I’ve been independent since age 14, and have been a self advocate for 15 years. I have been coming to the Center for Creative Works for five years.

Website | Instagram

Jenny Garrity

On any given day, Jenny Garrity (b. 1979) will invariably be found drawing, seated with her nose so close the surface of the page it seems as if she herself is emerging from it, part of the family of gnome-like figures she creates. With delicate, hair-thin lines, forms develop from the accumulation of mark, each topped with a domed, bald head and faint facial features, full of expressive force. In her own private, self-contained way, Garrity has conversations with these little communities she creates, often seeming to chat with them while they come to life, populating her page.

Website | Instagram

Timothy O’Donovan

How do I get an Artist in Focus Lens Cloth?

Choose one free limited edition Artist In Focus cleaning cloth with each purchase of a pair of Philly EyeWorks.

A new artist will be introduced every month or so